Dear Patients, we have decided to close all of our facilities from Monday, March 23rd till further notice. We will be starting Tele Health in a phased manner and we will get in touch with all of our active patients in coming days.

As mentioned in our statement on COVID 19 on our website's Home Page, we are commited to provide our patients and their families a clean, safe and very sanitary environment at our out patient clinics. We are also commited to provide you with many online resources, exercise routines, holistic approaches to life and also individualized and personally tailored exercies, which can be done at yout own home under our profesisonal guidance.

We have initiated many innovative programs in our community and we will keep updating this page to provide you with most important information. Please stay tuned and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

In addition to updates on this website and page, our social media page is also very active and is updated regularly with all sorts of important information. Please like and follow us at

This is our Informational video section. We regularly update this section wth a lot of basic health information and other educational vidoes.

Proper Hand Washing Techniques 

Simple Breathing Exercises to keep upper respiratory system clear.

Our Clnics Readiness on COIVD 19